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24-bit Digitizer Model

- 4th generation ultra low power seismic digitizer: ~1W for 3 channels
24-bit Portable Recorder Model SMART-24R

- Latest generation ultra low power seismic recorder, up to 240 GB hard disks or 32 MB Compact Flash
24-bit Strong Motion Recorder Model SMART-24A

- Latest generation strong motion recorder, follows USGS/ANSS specifications, selected by CWB for Taiwan strong motion network
Central Station Data Acquisition SMARTGeoHub

- State-of-the-art seismological data acquisition and real-time waveform display
GPS Receiver Model GPS-3

- Up to 500 m long cable !

Complete Seismic Arrays, Infrasound Arrays, and Auxiliary Seismic Stations with CD1.1 output, meteorological sensors, digitally signed data packets and interfaced to S/MIME AutoDRM

Ancillary equipment, including, but not limited to, seismometer cables, VHF or UHF radio modems, spread spectrum transmitters and receivers, VSAT, antennas, masts and coaxial cables, solar panels, equipment consoles, are also provided, separately or part of our turnkey digital telemetry solutions. Please consult factory for details.