Geotech Instruments, LLC


Broadband Seismometer Model KS-2000M Rev.2 and KS-2000BH

Broadband Seismometer Model KS-1

Broadband Borehole Seismometer Model KS-54000

Short-period Seismometer Model S-13 and GS-13

Accelerometer Model PA-23 and PA-23BH

Short-period Borehole Seismometer Model GS-13BH, GS-21 and 20171

Infrasound Sensors Chaparral Model 25 and Model 50


NOTE: The noise curves of the passive seismometers S-13, 20171, S-13J, GS-13 and GS-21 include the noise of the seismometer and of the damping resistor; the noise curve of the active KS-54000 and KS-1 seismometers includes the noise of the electronics too. The Low Noise Model is shown in black.